Pull up a rocker. Lets embrace granny-hood and all the insta-wisdom that comes with the title. I'm here to heap on a dose of good ole' How-To and DIY stuff I've picked up along the way - mostly from fellow rocker jockeys around the web. Plus a helping or two from countless generations of Grannies and Great-Grannies who came before me, most notably:
~ Maow, aka Mickey Maow
~ Mimmaw Kron
~ Mimmaw Hale
~ Gran-Molly
~ Granny Clampett (TV Granny, circa 1962 - 1970-ish)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


I just found out I'm going to be a Grandmother! I am indescribably excited. No wait that doesn't sound right. Grandmother. Grandma. Mammaw. No, maybe Meemaw. OK, let's go with an old standard - Granny. (Granny Clampitt was a righteous old gal.)

No sense deciding. My official handle will mainly depend on how the geneflake contorts its little mouth while I'm cooing at it.  If it really likes me, I'll draw a thoroughly southern title. Mimmaw. As in "Meh Mah", which was both of my sacred grandmothers' real names. Very coincidental. Or if it only tolerates my presence before it's old enough to be plied with cookies, I may just get a reluctant syllable, like Na. "Nah", a bit dismissive, but I'm a forgiving Granny.

How did I get off on this topic? I have important Granny business to discuss.
Oh God. Granification has officially begun.