Message to New Grannies, Grandmas, Meemaws, etc.

Fellow Grannies-to-be, pull up a rocker and let's talk. Veteran grannies, you can come here to mentor us 'noobs' through all the inner-conflict that comes along with the transition . We're entering this next life-stage, one that brings with it all the pitfalls and perils of societal ageism, at a point in life where we're still clinging to the hope of keeping up with technology, fitting into sexier jeans, and battling the relentless pull of gravity.

I say there's no need to fear grandparent-hood! Together we can enhance the perception of this phase, and embrace the image of instant wisdom that comes with the Grandtitle.

I stared this blog for my soon-arriving-granddaughter, who's impending arrival is an enormous thrill! But I'm also here to swap stories, and present some good ole' fashioned How-To and DIY stuff I've picked up along the way - mostly from fellow rocker-jockeys around the web. There's a wealth of wisdom and wit to share from generations of Grannies and Great-Grannies who came before me, most notably:
~ Maow, aka Mickey Maow
~ Mimmaw Kron
~ Mimmaw Hale
~ Gran-Molly
~ Granny Clampett (TV Granny, circa 1962 - 1970-ish)

How to Do it Better

It's a rare day that I don't wake up before dawn, with immediate thoughts of how to do TODAY better.

Do what better, you ask?  Well, anything and everything.

I'm an improvement junkie - renovations, remodels, process improvements, self help, tweaks, nudges, adjustments.  I crave it all madly.  That desire for the next fix is the monkey in my brain, jumping from limb to limb, tree to tree, in search of ever-better.  Never quite content to stop and enjoy the bananas in its grasp.

Maybe a jittery monkey isn't quite the right illustration.  He isn't consciously working on improving anything in its sphere of influence.  He's just swinging around, searching for better trees.  To improve on this analogy (see what I just did there?), imagine the same monkey jumping and swinging around while working out better ways to peel bananas, pick fleas off its tree-mates more efficiently, achieve a wider arch in its tree swinging, intensify its mating cry, drop more monkey turds at one time... you get the picture.

In and of itself, there is certainly nothing wrong with the concept of continual improvement.  The human drive for improvement is how we evolved, and its how we develop ever more advanced technologies.  All toward the betterment of the human experience.  I'm human, and therefore no exception to being influenced by this drive.

The problem for me is not the desire for improvement.  It's the pesky monkey and its propensity for jumping.  I'd probably do better as a lumbering elephant.  There are far too many facets of my life that need improving - and all of them vie for my attention at once.  It's a jungle in here!  So this blog is my improvement on, well, how to better approach improvements.  I intend to narrow the focus onto particular areas where the outcome really matters most.  Call it prioritizing.

These are some priorities to consider in my HOW TO improvement journeys:

  • Family (grown kids, dogs, cats, and now... grand kid(s) to come. Yay!).
  • Home (in a constant state of remodeling).
  • Self (which includes a collection of relationship how-tos, not just "how to look better in the mirror", which - trust me - is not my best friend.  More on mirrors later on.  Don't let me forget.  There I go jumping again.).
  • Work (as in, there must be a better way to make a living).
  • The world.  No parenthesis here. Donald J Trump seems to be monkeying around with that job, so I'll leave it alone for now.  I'll narrow this one to "my world".

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