Message to New Grannies, Grandmas, Meemaws, etc.

Fellow Grannies-to-be, pull up a rocker and let's talk. Veteran grannies, you can come here to mentor us 'noobs' through all the inner-conflict that comes along with the transition . We're entering this next life-stage, one that brings with it all the pitfalls and perils of societal ageism, at a point in life where we're still clinging to the hope of keeping up with technology, fitting into sexier jeans, and battling the relentless pull of gravity.

I say there's no need to fear grandparent-hood! Together we can enhance the perception of this phase, and embrace the image of instant wisdom that comes with the Grandtitle.

I stared this blog for my soon-arriving-granddaughter, who's impending arrival is an enormous thrill! But I'm also here to swap stories, and present some good ole' fashioned How-To and DIY stuff I've picked up along the way - mostly from fellow rocker-jockeys around the web. There's a wealth of wisdom and wit to share from generations of Grannies and Great-Grannies who came before me, most notably:
~ Maow, aka Mickey Maow
~ Mimmaw Kron
~ Mimmaw Hale
~ Gran-Molly
~ Granny Clampett (TV Granny, circa 1962 - 1970-ish)

HTG #1

Today begins in earnest, my quest to escape the commuter force and find a way to work at home.  After decades of dreaming, I have finally decided to change direction.  Now comes the hard part (for me). I must choose a path.

There are so many ways to become independent.  I regularly read up on as many as I can find, as often as possible, yet identifying a clear path toward that quest has eluded me.  Why?  Why does it seem there are so many others that made their escape, but here I sit with the sense of foreboding about Monday's butt-numbing drive across DFW.  At the other end of that drive, a soul-crushing work load that will never allow me a sense of completion, let alone even the tiniest taste of fulfillment.  So I must make the move.  I am of an age where new jobs aren't easy to come by.  Forget what labor laws say about age discrimination.  Trust me, it does exist, and it is especially tough for women. 

I am tempted to try many different paths to becoming independent. Books and articles, pins and posts abound - so many that I become paralyzed by indecision.  Indecision is underscored by the understanding that making any of it work takes a high degree of single-minded dedication and focus - not compatible with my usual Tiggering around from project to project.  I can overcome it, though.

I envy people who know their path early on in life.  My son-in-law seems to be one of those. He knew he wanted to be a pilot from the age of 6 and, according to his mother, he was always laser-focused on reaching that goal.  Despite obstacles that should have derailed him, his determination never wavered  Even after becoming a commercial pilot at an unusually early age (compared to a typical pilot career path), he continued seeking ways that took it to the next level.

He's a been a good son-in-law so far, I'd say.  In fact, he is the perfect counterweight for my lovely daughter, who is too much like me.  I digress. Again.

So anyway, here I sit on a sunny Saturday morning, with the grass in need of mowing, garden in need of weeding, laundry in need of folding, and a dozen other chores vying for my attention.  

But I write.  

I love to write.  Writing what you just read made me happy.  The act of it felt productive: like laying down letters to form words, words to form paragraphs, and paragraphs placed as building blocks in an architectural expression of myself.

Hey, maybe I'm onto something!

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