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HTG#2 - How to Deal With SMELLY WASHERS

Fellow Grannies, Non-Grannies, and Guys that keep house:

If you own a modern washing machine, you've probably experienced the sudden involuntary nose-wrinkling inside or near your laundry room.  It happens when you are hit by a smell like the worst kind of nightmare about ancient mold.  If you have never experienced this odor, you either have a perpetual head cold or you really need to quit smoking.

Well the first time I really took notice of this nasal offense in my current home - the Chicken House project, I just never imagined it could be coming from the very machine with the primary function of making smelly things smell better.  So I reasoned it must be from a mouse family that had died somewhere inside the walls of my laundry room.  This seemed the logical answer since I actually found a tiny mouse skeleton snuggled inside the fuzzy insulation between wall studs.  Moldy Skeletons   This was discovered after tearing out old, equally moldy drywall during a remodeling project that resulted in the addition of the aforementioned laundry room (pause for breath), so it just seemed likely.  Here's the tiny skeleton, which could easily be mistaken for a key archaeological discovery if taken out of context.

So I set my index fingers a'search and found out a whole passel of people have experienced this very problem, and they kindly took the time to write about it.  And boy did a bunch of people write!  I spent an hour pouring over the article and all the comments, and I am grateful.  This information saved me from experimentation that most likely would have resulted in having to buy a new washer.  So instead of reinventing the wheel (wash tub), I'm going to share these other good folks' page here:
Today's Homeowner ... how-to Remove mold and mildew from front load washing machines

Thank you Julie Day, Today's Homeowner!

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