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Fellow Grannies-to-be, pull up a rocker and let's talk. Veteran grannies, you can come here to mentor us 'noobs' through all the inner-conflict that comes along with the transition . We're entering this next life-stage, one that brings with it all the pitfalls and perils of societal ageism, at a point in life where we're still clinging to the hope of keeping up with technology, fitting into sexier jeans, and battling the relentless pull of gravity.

I say there's no need to fear grandparent-hood! Together we can enhance the perception of this phase, and embrace the image of instant wisdom that comes with the Grandtitle.

I stared this blog for my soon-arriving-granddaughter, who's impending arrival is an enormous thrill! But I'm also here to swap stories, and present some good ole' fashioned How-To and DIY stuff I've picked up along the way - mostly from fellow rocker-jockeys around the web. There's a wealth of wisdom and wit to share from generations of Grannies and Great-Grannies who came before me, most notably:
~ Maow, aka Mickey Maow
~ Mimmaw Kron
~ Mimmaw Hale
~ Gran-Molly
~ Granny Clampett (TV Granny, circa 1962 - 1970-ish)

Thursday, June 29, 2017


Hi there little fella, or little princess.  You're the size of a kumquat, and this week you look like a genius.  In fact, I found this picture of what you probably look like and it shows that your head is much bigger than any other parts of your body. It's about half your total size.  The baby experts say your brain is growing really fast.  I think you'll be a pretty smart kid because your Mommy and Daddy both have really good brains.

As a matter of fact, you have a lot of smart people in your family.  Your grandmothers are the smartest of all.  And Grandpas are also great.  They were smart enough to partner up with Grandmas which made your Mommy and Daddy.  Plus they can fix lots of things.  Your aunts and uncles all have special talents for doing many interesting things too.

You have a talented Aunt who takes old pieces of furniture that no one else wants, and she works on them to make them look completely different.  Then she sells them to people who want really unique furniture.  Smart stuff.  You probably have your socks and underwear in one of her drawers right now.

You have Uncles who know how to do all sorts of cool stuff like play video games, and guitars, fly planes, do high-tech military things that most of us don't understand. Smart and funny guys.   I imagine your uncles will have a lot to do with making sure you have fun!

And then there are your cousins. I remember when I was young and all the parts of my family would get together for Christmas or Fourth of July, or just to get together because families were closer back then, and we loved any excuse to hang out as a group and make memories. Those were the times I looked forward to most. I had several cousins that were great at getting into mischief when the Aunts and Uncles were distracted by arguments (which were really just excuses to laugh louder). They were so busy with good-natured bickering over who caught bigger fish, who's turn it was for a beer run, and which one of them got in the most trouble when they were young, that they didn't notice us running off down the lake shore with dozens of bottle rockets sticking out of our little pockets. The bigger cousins made us smaller cousins laugh until our sides hurt, when they created adventures that would have made their parents cringe at how unsafe it was, if they had been watching. We lived through it!

Granny K is certainly not encouraging you to plan on this kind of behavior though... I'm sure you will have much safer adventures. Nowadays, the US Government won't let us have fun like when I was a kid. Maybe they are right, come to think of it.

Anyway, so many great people make up your extended family - I could go on for pages. I am sure that you will love them all. Many great memories are just waiting to be made with them, my little dear.

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